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Unformatted text preview: t is the average speed of this round trip? A)  Zero Average speed = distance traveled / elapsed Nme B)  ‐67 km/hr = 100 km / 2.5 hr C)  +40 km/hr = 40 km / hr D) 67 km/hr What about average velocity? E) None of these. 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 16 Quick Graph Review 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 17 Graph of PosiNon (x) versus Time (t) Travel in the +x direcNon at a constant velocity v: If constant velocity straight line on graph (constant slope) 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 18 Clicker Ques;on Room Frequency BA An object starts at x = +5 and moves les along the x‐axis at a constant speed: Which graph best represents this moNon? At Nme t = 0, the posiNon x > 0. NegaNve velocity gives negaNve slope. At some Nme, posiNon x < 0. 1/17/2014 PHYS...
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