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Unformatted text preview: m Note: displacement can be posiNve or negaNve, but distance traveled is always posiNve. 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 13 Speed and Velocity Speed = how far an object travels divided by the elapsed Nme of travel. + + s ≥0 Velocity includes direcNonal informaNon: Δx Δt v 1/17/2014 > =0 < Velocity includes speed and direcNon PHYS‐2010 14 Instantaneous and Average Velocity The instantaneous velocity is the average velocity, in the limit as the Nme interval becomes infinitesimally short. Objects can have a posiNve or negaNve average or instantaneous velocity: 1/17/2014 But, speed s = |v| sA = sB PHYS‐2010 15 Clicker Ques;on Room Frequency BA A student starts in Boulder, drives to Denver 50 km away in 1 hr, stays in Denver for 1 hr, then speeds back to Boulder in 30 minutes. Wha...
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