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Unformatted text preview: pecifying a “Reference Frame”. Start with one‐dimensional moNon... Need to specify: •  origin (y=0) y=0 •  posiNve direcNon 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 +y y=0 +y 9 PosiNon depends on the Reference Frame: x=0 +x +10m ‐ 20m +x Yoda is at +10 meters. Yes he is. Yoda is at ‐20 meters. Yes he is. x=0 Different answers in different Reference Frames. Giving posiNon without specifying the Reference Frame is meaningless. 1/17/2014 PHYS‐2010 10 Even in one spaNal dimension (e.g. x coordinate), we also need to specify the Reference Frame for the ;me dimension. I am at x=+5 meters at Nme t = +2 seconds. +x +...
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