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Swedens income tax rates are among the worlds highest

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Unformatted text preview: nting firm. Sweden’s income-tax rates are among the world’s highest, but the addition of social-security contributions means that people earning this sum in Slovenia, India or Italy take home an even smaller share of their gross earnings. Slovenia’s government deducts almost 55% from earnings of $100,000. Social-security levies eat up a chunky 22% of earnings at that level in France, but low income taxes bring the total take, at 36%, into line with that in other rich nations. Switzerland’s effective tax rate on the fairly well-off is one of the lowest in the world. Copyright © 2009 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved. http://www.economist.com/markets/indicators/PrinterFriendly.cfm?story_id=14323136 8/30/2009 Fuel subsidies: Fossilised policy | The Economist Home This week's print edition Daily news analysis Opinion All opinion Leaders Letters to the Editor Blogs Columns KAL's cartoons Correspondent's diary Economist debates World politics All world politics Politics this week International United States The Americas Asia Middle East and Africa Europe Britain Special reports Business and finance About our new page All business and finance Business this week Economics focus Management Economics A-Z Business education Markets and data All markets and data Daily chart Weekly indicators World markets Currencies Rankings Big Mac index Science and technology Page 2 of 6 institutions) account for 80% of greenhouse-ga...
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