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Unformatted text preview: THE HOME FRONT, HOLOCAUST AND AFTERMATH A. INTRODUCTION B. THE WESTERN FRONT: BRITAIN DURING THE BLITZ AND THROUGHOUT THE WAR -John Anderson and the "Anderson Shelter" C. THE EASTERN FRONT: BESIEGED LENINGRAD I. Initial Dissent II. Death and Survival -Lake Ladoga -Piskarovka III. Propaganda D. GERMAN AND THE OCCUPIED HOME FRONTS I. Germany II. The Occupied Territories: A General Overview III. The West -Vichy regime -Charles de Gaulle vs. Philippe Ptain IV. The East -Yugoslavia: Croatia under Ante Pavelic, head of the Fascist Ustasha (Jasenovac = "Auschwitz of the Balkans") V. Resistance to Nazi Occupation -May 1942: agents commissioned by the Czech government in exile assassinated SS chief in occupied Czechoslovakia, Reinhard Heydrich; Lidice razed to the ground 2 E. THE HOLOCAUST -victims: Jews, the mentally and physically challenged, Slavs and Roma, socialists and homosexuals I. Background II. Nazi Attacks on Civil Rights -April 1st, 1933: boycott of Jewish stores -September 1933: crackdown on "antisocial" elements of German society -1935: Nuremberg Laws -November 9th 1938: Kristallnacht (the "Night of Broken Glass") -Dachau III. The Course of Extermination -January 20th, 1942: conference at Wannsee Lake; SS chief Heinrich Himmler and the "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem" -Einsatzgruppen = special mobile police squads trained to kill German enemies in the occupied territories -Babi Yar, September 29th and 30th, 1941: more than 33,000 Jews were killed -Nazi death "factories" in Poland: Chelmno, Treblinka, Solbibur, Belzec, Lublin, Majdanek, and Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest F. RESISTANCE TO NAZI RACIAL POLICY -Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen -Warsaw uprising of 1943 -Raoul Wallenberg G. THE AFTERMATH OF THE "HOLOCAUST" -1945: Nuremburg trials; Hermann Gring ...
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