1196007258 - anniversary of the founding of the GDR;...

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1989 AND THE BREAKUP OF YUGOSLAVIA A. INTRODUCTION B. 1989: THE “YEAR OF MIRACLES” I. Poland -December 1970: Wladislav Gomulka overthrown by Edward Gierek -Committee for Workers’ Defense (KOR) -1978: archbishop of Krakow (Karol Wojtyla) became Pope John Paul II -Gdansk Lenin shipyard workers -September 1979: Solidarity formed, led by Lech Walesa -Stanislaw Kania replaced Gierek -General Wojciech Jaruzelski; martial law declared in December 1981 -Father Jerzy Populielusko -Prime Minister Mieczyslaw Rakowski -December 1990: Walesa elected president II. Hungary -1968: János Kádár instituted the New Economic Mechanism or NEM; “goulash communism” -1988-1989: a multi-party system sanctioned -June 1989: Imre Nagy rehabilitated III. East Germany -1971: Walter Ulbricht replaced by Erich Honecker -August 1989: Austria and Hungary opened common border with Germany -October 1989: 40 th
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Unformatted text preview: anniversary of the founding of the GDR; protests; led Honecker to resign and he was replaced by Egon Krenz; on November 8 th , the entire Politburo resigned -October 1990: East and West Germany reunited -West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl IV. Czechoslovakia-Gustav Husk -January 1977: Charter 77 -Vclav Havel -Czech Civic Forum and Slovak Public Against Violence -December 1989: Havel was elevated to the presidency a velvet revolution -January 1993: Czech and Slovak parts established separate republics the Velvet Divorce V. Romania-Nicolae Ceausescu -Securitate : Romanian secret police -December 1989: opposition first in Timisoara -Christmas Day 1989: Ceausescu and his wife executed -May 1990: National Salvation Front came to power, headed by Ion Iliescu 2 VI. Aftermath C. THE BREAKUP OF YUGOSLAVIA-Slobodan Milosevic -Bosniaks in Srebrenica -1995: Dayton Agreement...
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1196007258 - anniversary of the founding of the GDR;...

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