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Only data type supported in lc 3 2s complement

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Unformatted text preview: s programs in the computer’s own machine language • GPR set (General Purpose Register) – temporary storage locations that store 16 bits of info in each of the eight GPR’s (R0 – R7) • Data type – representation of info such that the ISA has the opcodes that operate on that representation. Only data type supported in LC- 3: 2’s complement integers • Addressing Mode – mechanism for specifying where the operand is located. Could be found in: o Memory (ex: PC- relative, indirect, Base+offset) §༊ PC- relative – specifies an offset relative to the PC • Computed by sign- extending bits [8:0] to 16 bits, and adding the result to the incremented PC • The incremented PC is the contents of the program counter after the FETCH phase (af...
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