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Ch04CWF12 - Kroenke USING MIS(4e Chapter 4 Crossword ACROSS...

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Kroenke USING MIS(4e) – Chapter 4 Crossword ACROSS: 1 A microphone is an example of ____. 3 Commercial software programs are sold under the restrictions contained in the ___, which stipulates how the program can be used. 5 Speed and ____ are the two key performance factors for RAM. 7 The ___ is a loosely coupled group of programmers who mostly volunteer their time to code to various projects. 11 ____ is a version of Unix that was developed by the open-source community. 12 ____ was developed at Bell laboratories and is generally regarded as more difficult to use than Windows or the Macintosh. 13 Gigahertz (GHz) stands for ____ of cycles per second. 14 A ____ is a client-server application that requires programs other than the browser on the user’s computer. 15 There are two extremes for dealing with technology: burying your head in the sand, or becoming a ___, a lover of technology. 17 The speed of the CPU is measured in terms of ____, or cycles per second.
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