Information 19 like magnetic disks saves data and

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Unformatted text preview: _ of information. information. 19 ____, like magnetic disks, saves data and programs. 21 ___ application software like a word processor application provides capabilities common 22 A ____ is someone who loves technology for its own sake. across all organizations and industries. 24 A data bus that is 32 bits wide moves instructions from main memory to the ___. 23 A ____ is equal to 1,024 MB. 26 A ____ is a client-server application that requires nothing more than the browser on the 25 1024 GB of data is also referred to as a ____. user’s computer. 27 Software that is tailor-made for special applications is called ___ software. 31 A ____ question is one that leads to nowhere. It provides no insight into the subject....
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