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THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION A. INTRODUCTION -1851: Great Exposition, Crystal Palace B. ENGLAND, THE “HEART” OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION I. Resources II. Colonialism -“triangle of trade”/Atlantic Triangle III. Innovation -James Watt -Newcomen engine (designed by Thomas Newcomen) -water frame developed by Richard Arkwright for spinning cotton into yarn -power-driven loom that had been designed by Edmund Cartwright to weave yarn into fabric -Agricultural Revolution and field enclosure IV. Transportation C. CONTINENTAL EUROPE -John Cockerill set up a machine works in Belgium -e.g. Spain, France, Germany -1834: Zollverein (customs union among the German states)
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Unformatted text preview: -Eastern Europe D. INDUSTRIALIZING SOCIETY E. EARLY RESPONSES TO INDUSTRIALIZATION-William Blake and satanic mills -William Wordsworth -Luddites: anti-technology -Thomas Malthus -David Ricardo and iron law of wages -Friedrich Engels and The Conditions of the Working Class in England in 1844-in 1802: use of paupers was banned by Parliament -Factory Act of 1833: limited the workday for children and adolescents -Mines Act of 1842: prohibited underground work for all females, and for boys under 10 F. CONCLUSION: GENERAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN DAILY LIFE...
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