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Rolls bi axial stretch to take up roll k d d start

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Unformatted text preview: W  • Heated Barrel Heated Barrel D ^ & •d •^ •& • •^ 9 10/2/2013  W  > Extruder can have multiple materials put togethe …= lamentation (into single film) Extruder #1 Material #1 Extruder #2 Extrusion Die Material #2 Material #3 Adjustable Pressure (Restrictor) Bar Adjustable Die Lips ^   Extruder #3 & & layers can provide benefits from each barriers, etc  ^  • •h Sheet Winder • Resin Draw Rolls Die Extruder •& Sheet Conveyor •W ^  Motor Cooling Rolls  K d stronger, but more costly From chill rolls Bi-axial Stretch To take-up roll • • • • •  K D   d start with a flat sheet and then form into a shape 10 10/2/2013 heat up plastic and then take single sheet down d d • Compressed air Mechanical force •^ Plug •D • W •s •K Heated sheet Cooling tubes Die Vacuum down through vacuum forming d • D d D Heat “Matched” set of dies are used Heat Used for shallow draws (items that are not deep) Little control over material distribution Vacuum Cavity mold Vacuum Plug (drape) mold Vacuum d s s d  Simple Vacuum thermoforming Vacuum Snap back thermoforming Into a cavity (female) Vacuum draws film into a cavity (female) Items will be more easily removed using this technique Or over a plug (male) Or over a plug (male) Good for deeper draws (depth is 2-2.5xs diameter) Step 1- Cavity Plug S...
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