Discussion_Mirrors Solution

Discussion_Mirrors Solution

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Unformatted text preview: om in order to view more of your body. Being a new 1202 Physics student, you try to calculate how much of your body you are able to see at your current position as compared to other various positions in your 12ft by 12ft room. Using the law of reflection, is it possible to see more without changing your eye height or eye angle? Support your claim with a proper picture, setup and calculation. Physics 1202W.100 Fall 2012 Sept. 6th Solution Problem 1 ft θ2 θ1 ft The arrows represent the furthest ray that can reach the eye. Remember, light travels in a straight line. What about the geometry of the reflection? We will use the law of reflection knowing that (1) We will use trigonometry to determine these angles. Knowing both h1 and d, then (2) ⁄ (3) ⁄ (4) To solve this set of equations, we use equation (1), (2) and (3) to find that, (a) This gives the relatio...
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