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Therefore the height seen does not depend on the

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Unformatted text preview: nship (using (4) and (a)) as, (b) ft. Therefore the height seen does NOT depend on the distance away from the mirror. If we get farther away the picture becomes, and the math solution stay the same. ft θ2 θ1 Physics 1202W.100 Fall 2012 Sept. 6th 2. One handy tool for dentists is the “mouth mirror” or “dentist’s mirror”, the little round mirror a dentist jams into a patient’s mouth to peer, e.g., at the patient’s molars. In the illustration below, a mouth mirror is used to look at a few particularly nasty teeth. At what angle θ to the horizontal line should the dentist rotate the mirror to get a clear view of the image of one of the teeth in the mirror? The arrows represent the ray reflecting off the mirror. The double arrows represent the distances where . Mouth Opening θ Solution Proble...
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