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Au2012_PracticeQuiz3 - November 9th 2012 Physics 1202W.100...

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Physics 1202W.100 Practice Quiz #3 November 9 th , 2012 In-class Practice Quiz #3 This is a closed book, closed notes quiz. Calculators are permitted. The only formulas that may be used are those given below. No other equation sheet is allowed. If any other modifications to the equations below were made or needed, make sure they are justified physically and explained as part of the solution. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME, ID #, and TAs NAME ARE ON EACH PAGE TO BE GRADED!!!! Define all symbols and justify all mathematical expressions used. Make sure to state all of the assumptions used to solve a problem. Credit will be given only for a logical and complete solution that is clearly communicated with correct units. Partial credit will be given for a well communicated problem solving strategy based on correct physics. Each problem is worth 25 points. For each problem it is expected that a picture (setup), procedure (what is the plan and physics involved), solution (the solution path and final answer) and evaluation of the solution (does it make sense, why or why not) is included. Each of the multiple choice questions is worth 5 points each. Relevant Equations Geometric Optics: ( ) ( ) Special topics in optics: Power of a lens: Power of Accommodation (Eye): Angular magnification of Simple Magnifier: Electric Forces/Potential ⃗⃗ ̂ ⃗⃗ ⃗⃗ ⃗⃗ ̂ ⃗⃗ ⃗⃗ ̂ ⃗⃗ ⃗⃗ Special topics in Electric Interaction: Electric dipole moment of a long, straight wire: ( ) Capacitance: Energy of a Capacitor:
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