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100 group quiz 3 name name id id name name id id ta

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Unformatted text preview: Power ∑⃗ ⁄ Conductivity: ⃗ ∫ ⃗ ⃗ Constant angular motion: ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ Constants/Math: ⁄ ⁄ ⃗ | ⃗| ( ) November 8th, 2012 Physics 1202W.100 – Group Quiz #3 Name: Name: ID: ID: Name: Name: ID: ID: TA (circle 1): Michael Janas Cole Grasse Barun Dhar Tim Peterson Yusuf Buyukdag Group Problem Quiz #3 (25 pts) While helping to design the newest class of internal defibrillators, your design team is tasked with testing the viability of the new design to deliver the appropriate energy to the heart. An approximate schematic of the charging circuit is below. Because the defibrillator requires around 2 J of energy for a low level shock, this must be the maximum energy stored in the capacitors. When the switch is closed the capacitors begin to charge. (a) What is the current that flows through the 100 Ω resistor immediately after the switch is closed when the capacitors begin to charge. What is the current when the capacitors are fully charged? (b) What is the required unknown capacitance needed to reach this maximum energy at full charge (without exceeding it)? (c) How much charge is on the plates of the capacitors when fully charged? V...
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