However one of the resistors is near sensitive tissue

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Unformatted text preview: t 50 mA. One member suggests adding a small battery in the transmitter circuit to raise the current through the transmitter resistor without reversing its direction. However, one of the resistors is near sensitive tissue; its heat generation cannot exceed 0.25 W. What is the required voltage and orientation of the inserted battery to reach the desired transmission strength? Calculate and show whether or not the circuit is still safe for implantation with this orientation? V New Battery November 9th, 2012 Physics 1202W.100 –Quiz #3 TA (circle 1): Michael Janas Cole Grasse Name: Barun Dhar ID: Tim Peterson Yusuf Buyukdag Multiple Choice (25 pts total, 5 pts each problem) (Please record answers on the provided bubble sheet.) 1. Consider the circuit below of 7 identical bulbs, which of the following statements are true about the potential drop across each light bulbs. a. b. c. d. e. A B C ΔV G D E F 2. You are facing north. A 10 meter long wire in...
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