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The magnetic fields for both the velocity selector

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Unformatted text preview: e and mass passes through a velocity selector (where there is an applied magnetic and electric field) and enters a mass spectrometer which contains only a magnetic field. The magnetic fields for both the velocity selector and the mass spectrometer region have a magnitude of and have the same direction which is perpendicular to the motion of the ions. The vertical distance between the slit, where the ions leave the velocity selector and enter the mass spectrometer, and the point where the ions collide with the photographic plate after their velocity has exactly reversed direction, is 40 cm. What is the magnitude of the electric field used in the velocity selector? Physics 1202W.100 –Quiz #3 November 9th, 2012 TA (circle 1): Michael Janas Cole Grasse Name: Barun Dhar ID: Tim Peterson Yusuf Buyukdag Problem #2 (25 pts) A transmitter was designed to implant into birds in order to study migratory behavior but the signal generated by the transmitter is too weak. In order to reach the desired transmission strength, the current through transmission resistor in the circuit below needs to be at leas...
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