Symbolic before numbers group problem is worth 25

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Unformatted text preview: . Symbolic before numbers). Group problem is worth 25 points. SHOW YOUR WORK! Turn in only one solution per group. The solution must be a coherent solution from start to finish, not a collection of parts from various solutions with no ties from one part to the next. If multiple solutions for the same problem are submitted together, neither solution will be considered by the grader unless the groups’ solution is clearly indicated. Relevant Equations Geometric Optics: Special topics in optics: Power of a lens: Power of Accommodation (Eye): ⁄ ( )( Electric Forces/Potential ⃗̂ ⃗ ̂ ⃗ ⃗⃗ ⃗ ̂ ∫ ∮⃗ ⃗ ) Angular magnification of Simple Magnifier: Special topics in Electric Interaction: Electric dipole moment: ⃗ Energy electric dipole: ⃗ ⃗⃗ of a long, straight wire: ⃗ () Capacitance: ⁄ Energy of a Capacitor: Magnetic Forces/Fields/Induction ⃗ ⃗ Magnetic dipole moment: ̂ ⃗ Torque on a Magnetic Dipole: ⃗ ⃗ ⃗⃗ Potential energy of a magnetic dipole: ⃗ ⃗⃗ NMR procession frequency: ⃗⃗ ⃗⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ̂ ∫ ⃗⃗ ⃗ ⃗⃗ Special topics in Magnetic interaction: ∮ ⃗⃗ Waves/Wave Optics Magnetic field of a Loop of Current: Inductance: Energy in inductor: NMR dipole energy: Special topics in Waves: Speed of Wave on a string: √ Doppler Effect: ( Beat frequency ) Circuits Special topic...
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