1190826971 - -negative impact – included diseases like...

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OVERSEAS EXPLORATION AND LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR EMPIRE A. BACKGROUND -1492: voyage of Christopher Columbus, for Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella) -1415: Portuguese had foothold on the Moroccan coast; took Madeira and the Azores islands B. EXPLORATION -Columbus reached Caribbean San Salvador ( not = capital of El Salvador); then to Cuba and Hispaniola (now = Dominican Republic and Haiti) -Vasco Núñez de Balboa established Spanish sovereignty over present Panama -Cuba fell to the Spanish -Mexico was conquered by Hernando Cortés -Francisco Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire in Peru C. CONQUEST -conquistadors = “conquerors” -Cortés vs. Aztec emperor Montezuma D. CONTACT BETWEEN THE “OLD” AND “NEW” WORLDS – AN AMBIGUOUS LEGACY -positive exchanges including trade (e.g. shipping route from Seville in Spain to the Caribbean Sea and to the ports of Veracruz in Mexico and Cartagena in Columbia)
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Unformatted text preview: -negative impact – included diseases like smallpox E. THE MAKING OF THE NEW WORLD I. Slavery and the Profit Motive II. Opportunities for Social Mobility-e.g. William Beckford F. SETTLEMENT AND EMPIRE-BUILDING I. Building a Population-e.g. 17 th century “ filles du roi ” of King Louis XIV of France II. Administering the Colonies-viceroys = representatives of the throne -local audiencia : a kind of miniature council that also acted as a court of law III. Shaping Colonial Society-mestizos : children of Spanish men and Indian women 2 IV. Missionary Work-Nahua = “Aztecs” of Central Mexico (term from about mid-16 th century) -Florentine Codex by Franciscan Bernadino de Sahagún G. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ATLANTIC SYSTEM-trade triangle 3 H. CONCLUSIONS-Portuguese in Angola, Dutch on the Cape of Good Hope, English and others in India -French writer Michel de Montaigne...
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1190826971 - -negative impact – included diseases like...

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