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MECH 4041 Robotics Technology ROBOT APPLICATION PLANNING Sequence of planning 1. Work place analysis - Rough analysis - Detailed analysis Identification of workplace – type and quantity of production and means Organizational and economic data Working hr/day Workpieces /day Resetting frequency Batch size Quantity output/hr Materials to be handled o type o weight o cycle time o shape o Properties, fragility…. o Handling devices o Other characteristics Means of production o Degree of automation o Dimensions, construction o Where erected or installed o Load/unload devices o Other material handling devices Handling process o Automated /manual o Movement of parts, number , type… o Variability Control o Centre of production o Documentation and quality checks o Breakdown Operating sequence o Method of loading and processing parts before and after Working conditions o At present o Space, safety, others 2. Analysis evaluation - Drawing up functional plans - Plant layout - Performance specifications for handling and feeding devices S. Venkannah October 2006
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MECH 4041 Robotics Technology - Modifications required of the means of production and controlling devices provided 3. Selection of optimum system solution o Selection of suitable robot or otherwise o Selection of tools o Suitable evaluation criteria o Selection and design of suitable handling and feed devices o Establishment of the layout o Control of devices to satisfy the operation 4. Cost effectiveness of study - determination of relevant types of cost - carrying out of calculation procedures (productivity, failure rate….) 5. Measure taken to implement the overall solution drawn up - timetable planning - ordering of purchasable units - orders for construction of required devices 6. Finally the benefits - If objectives have been met - Experience gained - In house technical expertise - Knock on effects, etc… S. Venkannah October 2006
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