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The cost of general purpose elements of a robotic

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Unformatted text preview: of programming simplicity and cost. The cost of general purpose elements of a robotic assembly installation are not critical to the economics of assembly. 3. Design the parts of the product to minimize the number of gripper changes required to assemble it. This depends, as does production specification for a limited capability robot, very much on the development of a classification and coding system for general purpose assembly. This in turn will lead to the formulation of design rules for this form of assembly, one feature of which will be design for gripping. 4. Assemble many products simultaneously so that the proportion of production time used to change grippers is significantly reduced. This is perhaps the simplest way to reduce the impact of gripper changes, but its main disadvantages are the extra cost of duplicating all fixturing required and space problems. Also, the extra time the robot arms will take to move the larger distances must be offset against time saved by fewer gripper changes. 5. Mount many grippers on a turret. With a six to eight station turret on which each gripper has limited versatility, the majority of products or sub-assemblies could be assembled without any change of gripper S. Venkannah October 2006...
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