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This undoubtedly increases the cost effectiveness of

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Unformatted text preview: lished using a single robot. This undoubtedly increases the cost effectiveness of the machine. What is the effect of robot utilization? This could be answered and understood if the waiting line work situation is studied. The waiting line system : A situation in which a process machine provides a service of variable duration to a mixture of components that arrive at random or unscheduled times. Waiting time of component for processing and the machine waiting for components is idle time costly to the organization. No matter how many components are waiting to be processed, the machine will experience some periods of idle time. The measurable quantity of a waiting line system is called the utilization factor or service density, and is used for decision making purposes. Utilization factor = average arrival rate / average service rate ≤ 1.0 The utilization of a robot is simply that characteristic period engaged in activity on a component. Consider a robotic cell consisting of a conveyor, turning centre, deburring/grinder and two turret drills. The sequence of multi task can be : i. robot moves from rest position and moves to the conveyor delivery point ii. robot picks up part and moves to the turning centre iii. robot loads the machine with part iv. robot moves to rest position and waits until part has been machined v. robot moves to turning centre and unloads the machine and moves to turret drill no. 2 and loads the machine vi. robot moves to conveyor delivery point and picks up another part and moves to turning centre vii. robot loads the machine with part viii. robot moves to drill no.2 and unloads the first part ix. robot moves part to deburrer/grinder and manipulates the part about eh machine x. robot moves to turning centre and unloads part S. Venkannah October 2006 MECH 4041 xi. xii. Robotics Technology robot moves to drill and loads no.2 etc… the system might involve tool change especially when the robot is manipulating the part at the deburrer/grinder centre. If it does, additional time allowance must be made. What is utilization? Can have a. Production orientated utilization. b. Robot task functional utilization. Production orientated utilization. This is essentially concerned with what the part in question undergoes i.e. from input to output. Time is idle or wasted if no physical transforming work is carried out on the part, e.g. whilst the part is waiting to be transferred between processes, at the delivery point, between ,machines, and after the part has been processe...
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