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Benefits stable and continued new practices steady

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Unformatted text preview: l mechanisms for continued reduction of non value added activities and waste. Benefits: ⇒Stable and continued new practices ⇒Steady improvement in performance Application: ⇒Organization structures should reflect cross functional business process management ⇒Professional project management structures to help change ⇒Matrix management teams for development and change ⇒Resource allocation committee to work in line with business priorities Reference : Lucas Engineering and Systems Page 5 of 22 S. Venkannah Factory Automation MECH 3135 ⇒Define control and work package structure for each project team. Benefits: ⇒Rapid change to improve performance ⇒New product introductions ; rapid, reliable and low cost ⇒Operations well structured; staff can get experience in project teams ⇒Enhanced flexibility ⇒Development of generalist skills ⇒More effective use of people ⇒Easy performance monitoring ⇒Enhanced business performance Applications: ⇒Identify the information support needed for each part of a core business process and each group team ⇒Identify the interfacing standards within and between groups and processes. Reference : Lucas Engineering and Systems Page 6 of 22 S. Venkannah Factory Automation MECH 3135 Benefits: ⇒Focused application of IT systems ⇒Standardized generic elements ⇒Designed interfaces Application: ⇒Specify smaller number of levels ⇒Specify smallest number of job titles ⇒Provide cross functional training ⇒Implement job rotation to develop cross functional experience Benefits: ⇒More flexible workforce ⇒People more easily moved round to match work fluctuations ⇒More responsive and adaptable staff ⇒Staff take a broader viewpoint ⇒Fewer staff needed Reference : Lucas Engineering and Systems Page 7 of 22 S. Venkannah Factory Automation MECH 3135 Application to multi product companies ⇒Apply the principle of the three office structure and support tools to structure as business units divided into product units which, in turn are divided into cells ⇒Classify the building blocks of business units, and their resources Benefits: ⇒Reduction of overhead staff ⇒Creation of small businesses within a business ⇒Natural team structure facilitates total quality and continuous improvement ⇒Focusing of effort ⇒Pooling and sharing of generic centralized groups ⇒Simpler skills leveled job structures Reference : Lucas Engineering and Systems Page 8 of 22 S. Venkannah Factory Automation MECH 3135 DESIGN FOR ASSEMBLY (DFA) – To highlight non functional and difficult to fit elements of a design thus indicating areas that will benefit from further attention before design leaves the drawing board. In highlighting non essential elements, important to “design out” these components to ⇒Lower assembly cost ⇒Lower work in process cost ⇒Lower stock cost ⇒Lower production control cost ⇒Higher product reliability OBJECTIVES OF DFA: ⇒Reducing parts count ⇒Ensuring a feasible assembly process at minimum cost ⇒Achieving reliable and efficient au...
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