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PRE-REVOLUTIONARY EUROPE A. INTRODUCTION B. OVERVIEW OF PRE-REVOLUTIONARY EUROPE I. Demography - Essay on the Principle of Population (1789) by Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) II. Economics -1764: James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny -1709: Abraham Darby designed a process to smelt iron ore into cast iron -1784: Henry Cort invented a process in iron casting to produce wrought iron -proto-industrialization: predecessor to the factory system that would arise with the Industrial Revolution III. State Building -1700-1725: Peter I founded the Russian Empire C. THE SOCIAL ORDER IN OLD REGIME EUROPE - Corporate Society: people organized into bodies or groups or corps I. First Estate: Clergy Tithe : tax collected by the Church Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord II. Second Estate: Nobility Annoblis
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Unformatted text preview: : recent nobles who had acquired their title by buying it hobereaux : the threadbare nobles in France; Spanish hidalgos III. The Third Estate 1) The Bourgeoisie (or the Middling Sort) 2) Workers 3) Peasants D. THE ABSOLUTE MONARCH AT THE PINNACLE OF THE ESTATE SYSTEM-absolute monarch anointed by God and a paternal father figure -but , royal councils, Secretaries of State (ministers), intendants , and officiers participated in the functioning of the royal government, while sovereign courts of appeal ( parlements ) handled judicial matters -example of clientage: the French governor of Corsica, the Count de Marbeuf and Napoleon Bonaparte E. CONCLUSION noblesse oblige : paternal system of obligation to ensure sustenance of peasantry...
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