1190826498 - -Duma a government body with real legislative...

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THE RISE OF THE MASSES A. INTRODUCTION -Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931) B. CONTEXT I. Education -economic development, attitudes, regional variation II. Reforming Urban Space -Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), germ theory -Joseph Lister (1827-1912) -the Haussmannization of Paris (planned by Georges-Eugene Haussmann) III. Electoral Reform 1) Britain -Reform Bill of 1832 -Reform Act of 1884 2) France -Third Republic France (from 1870 to 1940) -1875: new constitution 3) Germany -Otto von Bismarck, founder and first chancellor of the German Empire, from 1871-1890, and Prime Minister of Prussia before that -1878: Social Democratic Party outlawed -Social Security system founded by Bismarck 4) Austria-Hungary -Austro-Hungarian Empire = the Habsburg Empire, renamed after 1867 -Reichsrat = parliament -Magyar (Hungarian nationality) 5) Russia -People’s Will and 1881: assassination of Tsar Alexander II -Alexander III (1881-1894)
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Unformatted text preview: -Duma: a government body with real legislative powers 2 C. WORKER ACTIVISM-Marx, Engels and “class consciousness” -British “friendly societies”; French and German “mutual aid societies” or journeymen’s associations -1824: British repeal of the 1799 Combinations Act -major strikes: 1905 in Russia, 1909 in Spain, and 1911-13 in Britain D. SOT AND CHRISTIAN RESPONSES I. Som-1864: meeting of First International Workingmen’s Association -Mikhail Bakunin -German Sot Workers’ Party (1875; the Social Democratic Party in 1890) -1904: congress of the International condemned any participation in bourgeious governments II. Christian Responses-1865: Methodist minister William Booth founded the Salvation Army (until 1878 known as the Christian Mission) -German Christian Social Workers’ Party (1878) (in 1881, the Christian Social Party), led by Adolf Stöcker E. CONCLUSION...
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1190826498 - -Duma a government body with real legislative...

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