Lab 6: Web Page Creation

Lets start with a new element put this after the

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Unformatted text preview: gs, add the following: <title>My Home Page</title> (You can call it something more creative.) Now, a topic: how about a “What are my favorite pastimes” essay? It need not be very long, just a short introductory sentence, then a list of things you did, with links. Let’s start with a new element. Put this after the beginning <body> tag: <h1>My Favorite Pastimes</h1> This is the heading element: the number is the level of heading, with 1 being the biggest, and 4 being the smallest. Now type a short sentence or paragraph after this, like: This summer I… After this, let’s put in a list of things you did. An unnumbered list – another way of saying a “bullet list” – uses the tag <ul>, and each item in it uses the list item tag, <li>. Here’s an example: <ul> <li>I l...
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