Lab 6: Web Page Creation

The body contains what you really see on the web page

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Unformatted text preview: also refer to a stylesheet for the document (more on that later.) It is enclosed in a <head> </head> tag pair. The body contains what you really see on the web page, and it is enclosed in a <body> </body> tag pair. 1.2. Other useful tags Two really useful tags are the tags for hyperlinks, the a tag (for anchor), and the tag for an image, img. Here they are: Here’s an example of an anchor tag: <a href=””>Course home page</a> Notice the name of the tag is a, but it has another thing after it, the href=“class URL” bit. This is called an attribute: this anchor tag has an attributed, named href, whose value is the URL for the course home page, enclosed in quotes. The text between the beginning tag and the ending tag will show up as a link in the...
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