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Lab 6: Web Page Creation

There are a few exceptions that is tags that do not

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Unformatted text preview: nd the </title> is, in fact, the title. There are a few exceptions, that is, tags that do not need an ending tag. <p> is one of them, the related <br> (paragraph break) is another. Note that there can’t be spaces between the < and the tag name, or between the < and the / in an ending tag, so the following aren’t valid tags: < title> </ title> < /title> But the tag names are case insensitive, so <TITLE> is valid, as is <TiTLe>. 1.1. Tags in every document Every html document begins with a <html> tag, and ends with a </html> tag. What goes between these is the actual web page. Anything that appears outside of them will not show up if you open it in a browser. Documents usually have two main sections: a heading and a body. The heading defines the title, and may...
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