Lab 6: Web Page Creation

Two different headings with separate content under

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Unformatted text preview: ft and right margins, with the margin-left and margin-right statements, e.g.: margin-right: 15%; Feel free to experiment with different styles to find one you like. 4. Lab Assignment For your lab assignment, make a web page of your choosing. Name the web page file index.html. It can be on any topic. It must contain: 1. A title (2 points) 2. A style section specifying a 10% left and right margin, some font face besides the default serif, and some color besides the default black-on-white (2 points each, 6 points total) 3. Two different headings, with separate content under each heading (2 points each, 4 points total) 4. An unnumbered list with at least two different items (2 points each, 4 points total) 5. At least 4 links to other web pages (1 point each, 4 points total) 6. At least one picture (2 points) We recommend you use notepad to create the web page. However, you can decide which software/editor to use to create the web page. We require your index.html file be cle...
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