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Unformatted text preview: rder of Operations ­ Rules that let you know which operation to perform first. Order of Operations: PEMDAS P (Please) ­ Parentheses E (Excuse) ­ Exponents M/D (My Dear) ­ Multiply/Divide left to right A/S (Aunt Sally) ­ Add/Subtract left to right *Grouping Symbols ­ Used to clarify or change the Order of Operations Types of Grouping Symbols ( ) ­ Parentheses [ ] ­ Brackets { } ­ Braces / ­ Fraction Bar Algebra I 2 Chp. 1.2 ­ Order of Operations September 11, 2013 Ex. 1 ­ Explain the Order of Operations. a) 4x + y b) 4(x + y) c) Ten divided by 2 pl...
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