Literal Equations and Dimensional Analysis

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Unformatted text preview: p; Dimensional Analysis November 02, 2012 Examples: Ex. 1 ­ Solve for a given variable. a) 4m ­ 3n = 8 for m b) 28 = t(r + 4) for t c) d + 5c = 3d ­ 1 d) 28 = t(r + 4) for r e) d = rt for d for r f) k ­ 2 = 11j 5 for k Ex. 2 a) A car's fuel economy E (mpg) is given by the formula E = m/ , where m is the number of miles driven and g is the g number of gallons of fuel used. 1. Solve the formula for m 2. If Claudia's car has an average fuel consumption of 30 miles per gallon and she used 9.5 gallons, how far did she...
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