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These changes increase a species fitness in its

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Unformatted text preview: ulation. These changes increase a species fitness in its environment Descent Descent with Modification-Each living organism has descended, with changes from other Modification-Each species over time Common Descent- were derived from common ancestors DescentEvidence for Evolution The Fossil Record-Layer show change Record-Layer Geographic Distribution of Living Things Homologous Body Structures Similarities in Early Development Geographic Distribution of Living Things-similar environments have similar types of Things-similar organisms Homologous Structures Homologous Structures-structures that have different mature forms in different organisms, Structures-structures but develop from the same embryonic tissue Evidence for Evolution Vestigial organs-organs that serve no useful function in an organism organs-organs i.e.) appendix, miniature legs, arms Similarities in Early Development Summary of Darwin's Theory Individuals in nature differ from one another Organisms in nature produce more offspring than can survive, and many of those who do not survive do not reproduce. Summary of Darwin's Theory Because more organisms are produced than can survive, each species must struggle for resources Each organism is unique, each has advantages and disadvantages in the struggle for existence Summary (cont.) Individuals best suited for the environment survive and reproduce most successful Species change over time Summary (cont.) Species alive today descended with modification from species that lived in the past All organisms on earth are united into a single family tree of life by common descent...
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