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The galapagos island darwin was fascinated in

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Unformatted text preview: The Galapagos Island Darwin was fascinated in particular by the land tortoises and marine iguanas in the Galpagos. Giant tortoises varied in predictable ways from one island to another. The shape of a tortoise's shell could be used to identify which island a particular tortoise inhabited. Animals found in the Galapagos Land Tortoises Darwin Finches Blue-Footed Booby Marine Iguanas Animals The Journey Home Darwin Observed that characteristics of many plants and animals vary greatly among the islands Hypothesis: Separate species may have arose from an original ancestor Ideas that shaped Darwin's Thinking James Hutton: 1795 Theory of Geological change Forces change earth's surface shape Changes are slow Earth much older than thousands of years Ideas that Shaped Darwin's Thinking...
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