1191508714 - -Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) -V.I. Lenin,...

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THE “NEW” IMPERIALISM A. INTRODUCTION -Joseph Conrad, Heart Of Darkness (1902); Congo B. THE “OLD” IMPERIALISM THROUGH THE SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION I. Early Empire-Building -British Empire: Canada and the United States, India, the Caribbean, the South Cape of Africa and Australia -Dutch Empire: Indonesia -Portuguese: Brazil and some of Africa (e.g. Angola) -Spanish: most of South America (into the 19 th century) -French: parts of Canada, Algeria -1896: Ethiopians defeated Italians at Adowa II. The Second Industrial Revolution -great economic activity, world exploration -cartography, railway development, steamships, telegraph and telephone C. THE “NEW” IMPERIALISM (from the 1880s) I. Ideas about Imperialism -Edward Said, Orientalism (1979) -Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden” (1899) -1898: end of Spanish colonial rule in the Americas II. The Practicalities of Imperialism
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Unformatted text preview: -Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) -V.I. Lenin, Imperialism (1916) D. FORGING EMPIRES I. French: Egypt-Nile River, Red Sea -1869: Suez Canal opened -1879: Britain and France assumed control of the Egyptian finance ministry -1882: Alexandria bombarded II. British: India-1857: revolt in India -1859: East India Company was un-incorporated and London took control of the administration -Malay Peninsula in South East Asia and Burma 2 III. “The Scramble for Africa”-1884-1885: Congress of Berlin (coastland determines territorial holding) -Boers = Dutch colonists (farmers) -First Boer War of 1880-1881: Boers gained self-governance in the Orange Free State and Transvaal -Second Boer War of 1899-1902: Orange Free State and Transvaal absorbed into British Empire E. COLONIAL RESPONSES I. Appropriating “Knowledge” II. Resistance-e.g. Kenya -1907: slavery abolished F. CONCLUSION...
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1191508714 - -Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) -V.I. Lenin,...

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