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Unformatted text preview: an exponent. *Exponent ­ Number of times the base is used as a factor; little number. *Base ­ Number that is being multiplied. Directions: Highlight the base and exponent. How do you say it? Ex: xn = ? ­Note: When there is NO exponent, the exponent is understood to be a 1!! Translating Verbal Expressions to Algebraic Expressions Addition ­ Subtraction ­ Multiplication ­ Division ­ Algebra I 2 Chp. 1.1 ­ Variables and Expressions September 09, 2013 Examples: Ex. 1 ­ Write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression: a) 23g b) k5 6 c) b3 ­ 2w4 d) 16u2 ­ 3 Ex. 2 ­ Write an algebraic expression for each verbal expression: a) a number divided by 9 b) 8 less than a number c) one third of the area c d) 7 less than the product of 6 and a number e) 6 increased by q to the 8th power f) three fifths the cube of a number g) the product of 5 and a number to the 4th power, increased by 6 Ex. 3 ­ Evaluate each expression: a) 27 b) 43 c) 5 4 Ex. 4 ­ Write an expression: A used bookstore sells paperback fiction books in excellent condition for $2.50 and in fair condition for $.50. Write an expression for the cost of buying e excellent­ condition books and f fair­condition books. Algebra I 3 Chp. 1.1 ­ Variables and Expressions September 09, 2013 Homework: p. 7 (#12­32 Evens, 33, 34, 36­38, 43­46) Algebra I 4...
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