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24 points fill out the table below translational

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Unformatted text preview: h of the elementary steps must be slow to explain the observed rate law for this reaction? This would be called the rate- determining step. Circle your answer. Step 2 or Step 3 (5 points) Step 2 must be slow for Rate = k[NO]2[H2] If step 2 is fast and step 3 is slow then Rate = k[NO]2[H2] 2 2. (24 points) Fill out the table below: Translational Rotational Vibrational IR Active Compound Degrees of Degrees of Degrees of symmetric Freedom (#) Freedom (#) Freedom (#) stretch? (Y/N) CO2 H2O CH4 24 points total: 2 points per box Compound Translational Rotational Vibrational IR Active symmetric stretch? CO2 3 2 4 NO H2O 3 3 3 YES CH4 3 3 9 NO SOLUTIONS Ch 1b, In- class Quiz Three Side 2 of 3 Thursday, Feb 27, 2014 3. (30 points) a) On the next side, circle the proton(s) on acetaldehyde that is/are most deshielded. b) On the next side, sketch the predicted proton NMR spectrum for acetaldehyde...
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