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Name section rec ta ch 1b in class quiz one thursday

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Unformatted text preview: opposite directions –10 points for staggered conformation with Br adjacent no points if not a Newman projection –3 points for wrongly drawing substituent that is not Br –7 points for drawing more than one structure. Name Section Rec TA Ch 1b, In-class Quiz One Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 Side 2 of 2 5. (30 points) Consider phenol and cyclohexanol. Circle the compound that should be the stronger acid. Use resonance structures to explain your choice. For one pair of resonance structures, use the curved arrow notation to show the conversion of one resonance structure to another. OH OH phenol cyclohexanol OH O OH O O +6 points for selecting phenol +6 points for showing deprotonated states (3 points each) +13 points for showing accurate, relevant resonance structures (+3 per structure, +1 for last benzene structure) –1 for missing the benzene structure (bottom) +5 points for correct curved arrows 10 points if did not consider the conjugate base at all or chose cyclohexanol based on stability of acid. O O O...
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