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Oh 8 points each all or nothing sh a b br i c h

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Unformatted text preview: for wrongly write –CN as –NC or NaCN CN NaCN 2. (24 points) For each pair, circle the stronger nucleophile. OH 8 points each, all or nothing SH a) b) Br– I– c) H 2O OH – 3. (11 points) Provide a name for the compound shown. Cl 1 2 3 7 8 6 4 3-chloro-4-ethyl-5-bromooctane 5 Br 11 points if all substituents are correctly named and numbered (order not important for credit) –5 points for wrong primary chain, but with correct naming based on that backbone –2 points for wrong naming each substituent 4. (20 points) Draw a Newman projection for the most stable conformation of 1,2-dibromoethane, sighting down the C-C bond. Br H H H H Br 20 points for Br on opposite ends, and pointing...
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