Problem Set 2 Solution

Problem Set 2 Solution

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Unformatted text preview: explanation, 3 points drawings; 2 points if you showed aniline doing nucleophilic attack on the carbon on carboxylic acid) 3. (5 POINTS) A chemist wants to synthesize butanedioic acid and proposed using the sequence shown. However, on running the reaction, the desired product was not obtained. Explain what went wrong. The generated Grignard reagent is highly basic and will react rapidly with any acidic functional groups. The proposed product will be consumed, generating propanoate. (5 points for explanation, drawings not needed. 3 points if you either showed intra- molecular ring formation or bond formation between Grignard reagent. 2 points if you put Mg binds to the oxygen. ) Name Section Rec TA Side 2 of 6 Ch 1b, Problem Set Two Due Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 at 4 PM PST in the Drop Box 4. (15 POINTS) Devise a synthesis of 2- phenylbutanoic acid. Include both a retrosynthetic analysis and a forward synthesis route. Full points for either of the following synthesis. You need both the retrosythesis and forward synthesis. Route 1. retro: Forward: Route 2. Retro: Forward: - 5 f...
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