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Name section rec ta side 3 of 6 ch 1b

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Unformatted text preview: or no forward synthesis or no reverse synthesis - 2 for incorrect intermediates due to miscounting carbons - 3 for drawing the final product incorrectly - common errors are shown below. Careful when counting carbons!! Incorrect structures of 2- phenylbutanoic acid: - 5 for incorrect synthesis with one major error - 10 for incorrect synthesis for 2 major errors If a synthesis was presented for an INCORRECT final product, maximum of 08 points given for a correct synthesis. Name Section Rec TA Side 3 of 6 Ch 1b, Problem Set Two Due Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 at 4 PM PST in the Drop Box 5. (15 POINTS) Devise a synthesis of the compound shown. Include both a retrosynthetic analysis and a forward synthesis route. - 5 points for losing either retrosynthesis or forward synthesis, - 1 point for every incorrect step. Forward synthesis route Retrosynthetic analysis: The reverse route of the forward synthesis above, via the acid chloride intermediate. 6. (20 POINTS) Devise a synthesis of the compound shown. In addition to the structures mentioned...
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