40 a constant uniform magnetic field mt is directed

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Unformatted text preview: d mT is directed into the page, away from you. At a given instant, the bar’s speed is 4.60 m/s and its acceleration is 3.40 m/s2. What current is induced in the circuit at this time? (A) 0.836 mA (B) 0.978 mA The motional emf across the bar is (C) 1.28 mA (D) 1.81 mA (E) 2.88 mA so 10 (c) [3pt] In the circuit shown, the resistors are 5 and 10 , and the inductance is After having been closed a long time, the switch is suddenly opened. What is the current in immediately after the switch is opened? (A) 0 A (B) 0.9 A (C) 1.8 A (D) 2.7 A When the switch has been closed a long time, the current through t he inductor is When the switch is opened, the inductor keeps this current going initially, and it all flows through (d) [3pt] A very large conducting sheet of dimensions shown is located in the plane, with a current flowing in the direction and distributed uniformly throughout the conductor. Use Ampere’s Law to find the magnetic field a short distance above the plane, far from any edge. Apply Ampere’s Law to a square “loop” that pierces the entire slab as shown. The magnetic field will be to the left above the slab and to the right below. (Think of a lot of parallel linear currents.) If the width of the box is , then Ampere’s Law gives with ....
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