C 5pt how much energy was converted to heat in the

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Unformatted text preview: [5pt] How much energy was converted to heat in the resistor during the complete charging process? The energy supplied by the battery was heat in the resistor was so the energy converted to 4 4. [4pt] The figure shows the cross section of a long, solid, cylindrical conductor. The radius of the cylinder is cm. A current of 1.31 A is uniformly distributed (constant current density) through the conductor and is flowing out of the page, in the direction. 1.25 A • A Find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at the three marked points. Give the directions relative to the coordinate system shown. • B • • C (a) [5pt] Point A at the center of the conductor (the origin). By Ampere’s Law, since there is no current inside a loop of zero radius, . (b) [5pt] Point B a distance of 5.00 cm from the center of the conductor along the – axis. The field lines circulate counter-clockwise about a current pointing out of the page, so the direction at point B will be to the right, in the direction. The magnitude is found using Ampere’s Law, applied to a circle of radius as shown by the dashed line added to the figure: (c) [5pt] Point C a distance 15.0 cm from the center of the conductor along the + axis. Applying Ampere’s Law at a radius field lines circulate counter-clockwise, in the current is enclosed, and using the fact that the magnetic direction at point B, since the entire 5 5. [15pt] An unknown particle C enters the region between the two plates shown in the figure with a speed m/s. The potential of the upper plate is 250 V and the bottom plate is grounded (0V). The plate separation is 4.00 cm. (a) [5pt] What is the magnitude and direction of the electrical force on the particle? Use the coordinate system shown, with the axis out of the page, toward you....
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