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Unformatted text preview: lowing a correct set of steps will receive full credit. ( is required for consistency.) 2 c) [4pt] Find the ideal efficiency, if no more heat is lost to the environment than required by the laws of thermodynamics. [Assume that any heat that can be recycled is recycled.] The Carnot efficiency for an engine with high and low temperatures is the maximum obtained if the engine is operated reversibly, so that no unnecessary heat escapes the engine: The highest temperature occurs in state C, while the lowest is found in state A, so 2. [15pt] Suppose of helium (an ideal monatomic gas) at and an initial temperature of (point A) is compressed slowly and isothermally to exactly 1/4 of its initial volume (process AB in the figure). It is then allowed to expand quickly and adiabatically back to its initial volume (process BC). P B • •A 1 Atm • a) [5pt] How much work is needed to compress the helium in process AB? C V For an isothermal process, b) [5pt] What is the temperature of the helium when it returns to its initial volume (point C)? For an adiabatic proc...
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