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13 kw c 484 kw d 698 kw e 732 kw d 3pt a car is

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Unformatted text preview: kW D. 6.98 kW E. 7.32 kW (d) [3pt] A car is removed from a 20C garage, and its gas tank is filled to the top with gasoline at 10C. The tank holds 56 liters when full. How much gasoline overflows from the tank after it is put back into the garage? The coefficient of volume expansion of gasoline is /C. Assume the gas tank’s size does not change significantly during this process. A. 0.53 liter B. 0.64 liter C. 0.95 liter D. 1.8 liter E. 2.3 liter (e) [3pt] An ideal (Carnot) refrigerator absorbs 120 J of heat from its interior, kept at 4C. How much energy needed to run this refrigerator during that time, if it operates in a room at 24 C? A. 0 J B. 9 J C. 20 J D. 24 J Note that the temperatures must be absolute: Kelvin, not Celsius. E. 112 J...
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