0 cm has a density of 800 kgm3 the cubic block floats

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Unformatted text preview: ats in water. What is the distance of the top surface of the block from the water level? [A] 1.0 cm [B] 2.0 cm [C] 3.0 cm [D] 4.0 cm [E] 5.0 cm The wood floats when it displaces its weight in water. The density of water is kg/m3, so the block displaces 8/10 of its volume in water. This means that 2/10 of the block is above water, which is a height of 2.0 cm, answer B. 8 (c) [4pt] The velocity of a car is given as seconds. What is its acceleration at [A] 15 m/s2 [B] 18 m/s2 m/s, where is given in s? [C] 20 m/s2 [D] 24 m/s2 [E] 30 m/s2 The acceleration is (d) [4pt] A 66-kg skydiver moving at terminal speed falls 40 m in 1 second. The power being taken from the skydiver by air resistance is [A] 650 W [B] 2.6 kW [C] 13 kW [D] 26 kW [E] 65 kW Since the skydiver is falling at a constant velocity, the force of air resistance balances the force of gravity: upward. This force opposes the skydiver’s motion, so it takes energy away at a rate 9 (e) [4pt] A playground carousel is rotating about its center. The radius of the carousel is 1.50 m, its initial angular speed is 3.1...
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