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695 m 695 cm 4 problem 4 12pt a popular carnival ride

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Unformatted text preview: 4 Problem 4: [12pt] A popular carnival ride consists of seats hanging from cables attached to a central disk. The radius of the central disk is m and the length of the cables is m. (a) [6pt] If the cable makes an angle of with respect to the vertical, what is the speed of the passenger? The centripetal force on the passenger is , where the total distance from the center is The centripetal force is the component of the tension in the cables acting horizontally inward, so The vertical forces on the passenger balance, so Combining these relations gives Then and (b) [6pt] What is the total tension in the cables supporting a chair and passenger of mass 65 kg? Using the equation for balancing the vertical forces in part (a), The final number has adequate precision, since all quantities were given to two significant digits. 5 Problem 5: [12pt] Water is flowing in the pipe depicted in the figure. Water enters at 4.0 m/s from the left, where the diameter is 5.0 cm, and leaves from the right, 1.5 m higher, through a pipe...
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