With the ladder what the same equations apply as in

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Unformatted text preview: e ladder, what The same equations apply as in part (a), together with and the vertical equilibrium condition Then (0.250) (124 lb) = 31.0 lb. Now is unknown, and satisfies 3 Problem 3: [12pt] A ball of mass kg is dropped from a height m above a large spring with spring constant 600 N/m. (a) [6pt] What is the total work done on the ball during the spring’s compression, from the time it contacts the spring to the time it momentarily comes to rest? Include the correct sign. The work done on the ball is its change in kinetic energy, By energy conservation, the kinetic energy of the ball at the top of the spring is Therefore, (b) [6pt] Find the maximum compression distance of the spring before it rebounds. The ball’s kinetic energy when it reaches the spring is When it stops, it has only potential energy. Taking the gravitational potential energy to be zero at the top of the spring, this potential energy can be expressed in terms of the compression as Energy conservation then gives Numerically, if which implies that is measured in meters, this gives Then Only the positive value is a compression, so 0.695 m = 69.5 cm....
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