If the vine has length m he starts a distance m below

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Unformatted text preview: e has length m, he starts a distance m below the tree, and drops to a distance m below the tree when the vine is vertical. Thus, m. The speed at this point is 4 (b) [6pt] What is the maximum force on Tarzan’s arms as he swings across the gorge, if his mass is 78.0 kg? The force diagram shows the two forces on Tarzan at his lowest point, where the tension be maximum. The net force is responsible for the centripetal acceleration so will Problem 5: [12pt] Water at a gauge pressure of 3.8 atm at street level flows into an office building at a speed of 0.68 m/s through a pipe 5.0 cm in diameter. The pipe tapers down to 2.8 cm in diameter by the top floor, 18 m above, where the faucet has been left open. Assume no branch pipes and ignore viscosity. (a) [5pt] Find the flow speed of the water in the pipe on the top floor, in m/s. The equation of continuity implies that , so (b) [7pt] Find the pressure inside the pipe on the top floor. (Note: the pressure inside the pipe is different from the pressure at the faucet, for which the diameter is not given.) Bernoulli’s equation implies that Then Therefore, 5 Problem 6: [12 pt] An 85.0-kg swimmer pushes off a 560 kg boat, initially at rest, with his feet and acquires a speed of 1.50 m/s relative...
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