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Neglecting air resistance when the bomb hits the

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Unformatted text preview: the bomb hits the ground, the horizontal location of the plane will A. be behind the bomb. C. be in front of the bomb. B. be over the bomb. D. depend on the speed of the plane. The horizontal velocity of the bomb is the same as that of the plane. (c) [3pt] A book rests on a level table-top. Which force does Newton’s third law imply is equal in magnitude to the weight of the book? A. the force of the book on the table C. the force of the book on the earth B. the force of the earth on the book D. the force of the table on the book The weight of the book is the gravitational force of the earth on the book. The reaction force to this is the gravitational force of the book on the earth. 4 (d) [3pt] The scale at the left is attached to the ceiling and a mass of 1.00 kg hangs from it. The scale reads 9.80 N. The identical scale at the right is connected by strings of negligible mass passing over frictionless pulleys to two 1.00 kg masses hanging vertically at the end of the strings. The scale at the right reads A. exac...
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