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The scale at the right reads a exactly 980 n b more

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Unformatted text preview: tly 9.80 N B. more than 9.80 N, but not twice as much C. exactly 19.62 N D. less than 9.80 N If you construct a free body diagram for either of the two masses on the right, you will find that the tension balances the weight, 9.80 N. Thus the tension in the string is the same in both diagrams. (e) [3pt] The position of an object is given as a function of time by for between 0 and seconds, with in meters and in seconds. At what time does the object’s instantaneous velocity equal its average velocity for the 6.0 second excursion? A. 2.5 s B. 3.0 s C. 3.5 s D. 4.0 s If the position is a quadratic function of the time, it corresponds to constant acceleration, so the average velocity occurs half-way through the time interval, at 3.0 s. For a direct calculation, note that for the 6-second interval, while the instantaneous velocity at any time Thus, m/s when s, giving is s....
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